A Park Avenue Studio of Bellydance
Belly Dance
Janette Benedon-Brenner

Middle-Eastern Bellydance, the history of which can be traced back to pre biblical times, has been used by both men and women for expression and healing, body awareness, child birthing, entertainment, and exercise. This unique and beautiful dance form consists of isolations and combinations of isolations of the body moved to the exact rhythms and melodies of the music. The rhythms and melodies of this exotic music were developed as specific expressions of life, each based on an aspect of our own humanity.

In class, we explore these expressions through body postures and movement along with the customs and cultures of the many countries of the Middle-East and how they relate to modern day Western society.

Discover the Benefits of Bellydance
Burn approx 600 calories per hour
Gain Strength and flexibility
Gain muscle control and coordination
Re shape your body
Access emotional expression
Learn to understand a new culture and music
Learn to play an instrument ( finger cymbals)
Increase levels of human growth hormone
Increase brain capacity for conceptual thought
Increase capacity for colors and musical tones
Make alot of friends
Dress up and have alot of fun

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